5 simple yoga poses that are highly beneficial if practised daily

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A new study published in the Obesity Journal states that ‘moving more, more often’ leads to weight loss in the long term, and also helps keep it away. As such, even if you are unable to follow a dedicated fitness routine, make sure to take out time in-between work to indulge in some form of movement — be it walking while talking on the phone, opting for the stairs or simply stretching. Especially during the holidays when everything revolves around food, movement can also help with digestion and prevent bloating.

But if yoga is what you prefer, you can always do these five simple poses shared by nutritionist and strength coach Nidhi Mohan Komal.

Surya Namaskar is a complete body drill if done well, but these 5 poses are greatly beneficial when done everyday, my every yoga class includes one or the variation of these,” she captioned her Instagram post.

She started with the cat cow stretch, and said that “this stretch is very important not just for the mobility of your spine but also for the mobility of your shoulders.” She advised doing at least 5-10 repetitions everyday.

Sitting in vajrasana which is “great for lengthening your quadriceps and also good for digestion” followed next. For good form, “make sure your shoulders are rolled back, and if you are a beginner, place a block underneath your hips.”

Kamal went on to illustrate the third pose, pawanmuktasana, which she said is “great for digestion but also great way to release your spine.” For the fourth pose, she suggested a spine twist in “whatever position you’re comfortable sitting in, find yourself in a twisted position” stating that it is “great for spine and opening up your shoulders.

Fifth and the last was a backbend in which she recommended bridges because “if you are a beginner, you can always give yourself support with the block and try it out.”

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