Aarya Babbar gets into verbal spat with airline pilot, accuses him of exerting power. Watch video

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Actor and actor-politician Raj Babbar’s son Aarya Babbar got into a row with flight attendants and a pilot while on a flight. He shared the video on his Instagram profile in which he can be seen engaged in a verbal spat over a joke he made that the pilot took exception to.

“I just cracked a simple joke,” he says as he asks a flight attendant, “Hi, ma’am. How are you doing today?” When she said it is not allowed, Aarya said into the camera, “It’s not allowed. Cracking jokes also not allowed.”

And then he enters the cockpit and gets into a heated argument over the joke. The pilot asks whether he said, “Yeh kya chalayega?” while referring to the pilot, which he denied.

At one point, Aarya says whether he should get off the flight, to which the pilot replies in the negative. Aarya also refused the pilot’s attempt to patch up and says he will not shake hands as he is exerting his power over him.

He captioned the video, “Sensitive Pilot 🤔😆 @g8.goair @gofirstairways Go Air fines people if they laugh 😱🤣🤫.” The responses Babbar received in the comments section ranged for amused to shocked.

Actor Karan Nath wrote, “Too sensitive to handle 😂😂.” One person wanted to know the joke. “I wanna know the joke 😅,” they wrote. One joked that you should never make the pilot feel upset when you are on a flight.

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