Anand Mahindra ‘awestruck’ by quadruple amputee, offers him a job

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Industrialist Anand Mahindra shared a video of a quadruple amputee from Delhi who refused to let his ‘disability’ define him. In the video, the man is seen driving a modified vehicle and explaining how he starts and manoeuvres it. An impressed Mahindra shared the video and offered him a job in his company.

The video has gone viral where the man is seen talking to two people who are inspired by his commitment to work despite physical boundaries. The man explains how he starts the vehicle, controls speed, and changes directions. He then says that has been driving like this for five years. “I have two kids, a wife, and an old father. I work for them,” he said and then added, “It’s all god’s grace” before driving off.

While sharing the video, Mahindra tagged Mahindra Logistics Ltd. and asked if the driver can be offered the position of Business Associate for last-mile delivery. To this, the official Twitter handle of the company replied that they are trying to track him.

Netizens have also offered many leads about the person. A YouTube video, made and shared by Sandeep Chaprana, shows how the above-mentioned driver, who identifies as Mohammad Aslam, customized a makeshift automobile so that it could meet his special needs. This video was shot in 2019.

It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds for Mohammad Aslam.

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