Baba Ramdev criticises anti-Agnipath protestors, comes out in support of scheme

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SPEAKING at the Vishv Umiya Foundation campus in Ahmedabad on Sunday Yog Guru Baba Ramdev came out in support of Centre’s Agnipath scheme and said damage to national property by agitators who are against the Centre’s policy was a “rashtra droh”.

“I support Agnipath scheme but don’t burn trains and destroy public property. All those who are doing this are not from Mahatma Gandhi’s nation of non-violence. The current agitation and damage to national property is nothing but rashtra droh,” Ramdev said.

Widespread agitations are reported from the country against the recently launched Agnipath scheme by the Central government.

On the Nupur Sharma case, Ramdev  said, “Criticism of any religion, God or paigambar is not correct. When Islam and paigambar is criticised then entire world stands and when they abuse our purvaja then….this is very wrong. Who incited Nupur Sharma, they abused our purvaja then she too abused.”

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Further, while addressing the Patidars representing Vishv Umiya Foundation, the organisation in-charge of building Umiyadham, the under construction temple of Goddess Umiya of the Patidar community — at Jaspur village near Ahmedabad, Ramdev urged Patidars to shun all types of addiction and donate a part of their income towards the construction of the temple.

“Do not eat gutkha and mawa for some days and no addiction. Like the Jain community where 99 per cent of them are non-addicts every person in the Patidar community should keep away from addiction on which money is spent as these days addiction has become too costly. So first donate 10 per cent of your income here till Vishv Umiyadham is complete,” he told the gathering.

Calling himself and Patidars as one, Ramdev said, “In the entire country Patel community is a very shauryavaan. From our karam and swabhav we are one. Without gaurav, atmasamman, shaurya and parakram no one can move forward.”

Narendra Modi is not the Prime Minister today due to some wealth what he is today due to sangharsh, shaurya and swabhimaan. At one time people ruling from Delhi wanted him to hang him, but one man’s strength… I would meet him at that time too when the Delhi government called him a killer and wanted to hang him, and wanted to finish him. I also remember that day when the Delhi government had denied Amit Shah entry to Gujarat. We both would meet at Ram Jethmalani. We were also pidit and they were also pidit,” Ramdev stated.

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