Bottles not permitted at check-in, women throw free booze party at airport

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Two blithe spirited women heading to Miami in Florida did not lose their cool even after airport security personnel refrained them from getting alcohol bottles on board. As per airport protocols, 100 ml of fluid is permitted inside the baggage and the young women’s actions later have taken the internet by storm.

Throwing the bottles away was not an option for them, rather they decided to make merry and cheer. Passengers standing on the line sipped the drink little by little while the bottles got passed among them. Malibu Pineapple and Ciroc vodka shots for free were something new for passengers at the airport. The carefree women had a grin on their face and fellow passengers were also elated by their deed, as seen in the video.

Watch the video here:


“They did not let us take bottles through check-in so we gave shots to everyone in line,” one of the women was heard saying in the video.

Netizens had mixed responses to the viral Tik Tok video. Responding to the video uploaded on Youtube, a user asked, “Will this fall under spreading covid rule?” Another user said, “Amazing, the people will really now believe that there’s something good is still left in the world in these times!” The video uploaded on Youtube has garnered over 74,000 views so far.

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