BTS ARMY furious with Jimmy Kimmel after he compares band’s popularity to Covid-19 spread: ‘Disgusting…’

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BTS ARMY is fiercely protective of the K-Pop sensation, and late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel’s recent comments didn’t go down too well regarding the band and their popularity. In his recent episode, Jimmy Kimmel compared the frenzy around the boy band to Covid-19.  During singer and actor Ashley Park’s appearance that aired on January 21, Jimmy Kimmel took a dig at the fangirling that she did after being noticed by BTS.

Jimmy Kimmel mentioned BTS’ appearance on the show and also spoke about how ARMY camped outside before their arrival. He continued by saying, “They might still be out in the parking lot” and remarked how one needs to be careful with the fans as they “can attack”. On hearing that Ashley Park was ARMY herself, he said, “Then you won’t get attacked”.

While she explained her feelings as a fan, she elaborated on how the BTS members opened up their personal Instagram accounts just in time for the second season of ‘Emily in Paris’. The late night show host remarked how “even Donald Trump is not allowed to have that” referring to the suspension of the former US President’s account. Ashley also revealed that she was speechless when RM and V reacted to her cover of Dynamite, and said that ‘she was unable to move or speak’.  Then, she added that she was diagnosed with the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus to which Jimmy Kimmel said, “You thought it was BTS fever”. He said, “They’re both very dangerous. You’re lucky to come out alive.”

ARMY is furious with his comments and responded on the video stating, “Jimmy Kimmel could have kept his racism and misogyny however – absolutely appalled at him saying the group is as dangerous as COVID, disgusting. There’s also no need to refer to their fans as ‘crazed’ or ‘attacking’ – would you say this about football fans Jimmy?”

Another wrote, “And you know they’ll excuse it as a joke and omg the fans are deranged and attack everybody instead of admitting to the microagressions and casual racism the western media keeps throwing at BTS. Jimmy Kimmel I’m disgusted .” “Bruh! U didn’t had to compare them to a disease lol…. I’m sick of American interviewers comparing my idols to a disease or COVID.  But Ashley u just rocked… I’m proud of u girl,” another wrote.

“It’s funny cause those ‘dangerous’ have actually given many the reason of living, transmitting a message through their music, giving us hope to keep going,” one added. Another wrote, “I am SO TIRED of Americans comparing Asians to the coronavirus, and the fact that they get away with it because it was a ‘joke’. You know damn well what you were doing. If you can make the action so can you face the consequences.”

BTS has not reacted to this as yet. Last time, James Corden faced the ire of fans, when he called the fandom ’15-year old girls’.

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