‘Due to seizures, supply of large quantities of drugs is now less’: Anti Narcotics Cell DCP

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Usually, during the last week before New Year, there is high demand for narcotics at year-end parties. Datta Nalawade, DCP, Anti Narcotics Cell (ANC), speaks to The Indian Express about the preparedness and steps taken by the organisation to ensure curbs on drug peddling.

What are the steps taken by the ANC to curb drug trafficking ahead of the New Year?

While we do have our staff out on the streets in full force, we have also asked all our units to coordinate with private courier companies under their jurisdiction. In the past few months, we have seen courier services being used to send narcotics internationally and within the country.

Why has that become a popular way of supplying narcotics?

Generally, there are no methods to check the presence of narcotics in parcels that have been packed. In some cases, the sheer volume of packages is so high that it is difficult to keep an eye on individual parcels. Our teams have, however, given tips to courier companies to look for suspicious packages and alert us.

In the past year, there have been several seizures by ANC and NCB. What has been the impact?

Due to seizures, the supply of large quantities of drugs has gone down. Now, due to fear of seizures only a small quantity of drugs are in supply in the city.

Generally, what are the drugs in high demand in the city?

Ganja has traditionally been in high demand due to cheaper rates. Apart from that, mephedrone had also been in high demand.

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