Gujarat: 2 geologists to preserve Eddy current marking in Mahisagar

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About 800-metres downstream of the Kadana dam on the left bank of the Mahisagar river is a stretch of about 15 feet with well-preserved spiral markings with a central core, popularly called the Eddy current, located in the quarry hill in the Kadana taluka of Mahisagar district.

Two geologists from Santrampur — Pushprajsinh Solanki and Tirthrajsinh Solanki — have taken up the task of preserving one of the rare Eddy current markings in the country.

They met the District Collector of Mahisagar last week to address the present condition of the Eddy current site, which is of both geological and national importance.

Tirthraj Solanki told The Indian Express, “We expressed our concern about the site and the need to preserve it… The site is of eddy-current markings from the Precambrian rocks of Kadana formation. The site and its importance are well acknowledged by the Geological Survey of India (GSI), also recognised as a ‘Geolo-gical Marvel’ — one of the four recognised by GSI in the country.”

According to the two experts who have documented their research on the basis of previous records available with the GSI, Eddy current markings are primary sedimentary structures preserved as spirals of the size of 8-16 centimetres in diameter on top of the bedding plane of a fine-grained quartz arenite bed.

“In the centre of these spirals are whirl balls, about one to two centimeres in diameter. They have their axes sub-vertical to the bedding plane. These rarely preserved primary sedimentary structures are preserved in quartzites of Chandanwara formation of Lunawada group of Aravalli group of rocks (Mesoproterozoic to Neoproterozoic). These structures also provide interesting information for the understanding of the depositional environment of these rocks,” Tirthraj said.

According to the GSI website, “The Eddy current markings are believed to result from dragging of a small limb of a larger floating log caught in a vortex or Eddy current of a stream or from a movement of a pebble. The petrified marks of the eddies around the whirl balls, form spiral ribs.” The website lists the Kadana Eddy current markings as a site of GeoTourism in the country.

The two geologists have raised concern over the present location of the GSI marvel site on the open road without protection or demarcation. “There is a potential threat to the structure from any local activities or construction activities. We are requesting the authorities to consider the importance of the site and its preservation… We have urged the district collector to take up the issue and fence the area,” Pushparaj said.

Mahisagar District Collector Manish Bansal told The Indian Express that following a visit to the site, the department has decided to seek expert help.

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