Haryana govt to introduce mandatory board exams for Classes 5 and 8 from next academic session

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The Haryana government has announced mandatory board exams for students of classes 5 and 8 studying in schools affiliated to BSEH. This order was issued on January 18, 2022 and it applies to all government and private schools in the state. The decision has been taken to monitor students’ progress and to conduct a standardised assessment of the learning outcomes.

Students will have to take the exams, in order to be promoted to the next class. However, if a student fails the exam, a second chance will be provided to reappear for the exam. However, if the student is unable to pass even after additional academic help and re-examination, the student will be retained in the same class. The authorities will be declaring the result within one month of conducting the exam. 

“As a part of a historic decision in the education sector,  board exams for classes 5 and 8 have been introduced in the state. This will see major improvement in the education system”, Kanwar Pal, Education minister of Haryana tweeted. 

All private and government schools in the state, upon the completion of the academic year, are required to conduct regular exams for classes 5 and 8 or authorise respective agencies to carry out the task, read a notice in the Haryana Government Gazette. 

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