Here’s why Sidharth Shukla’s family issued statement asking people to respect his consent, consult them

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The official statement, shared by Shehnaaz on Instagram, read, “We, as a family, come with a request, which we hope everyone will respect. Sidharth has moved on and no longer can he make decisions for himself, but he’s still an integral part of our lives and our memories and we are there to protect his wishes. We request everyone who wants to use Sidharth’s name and/ or face in any project, please reach out to us. Please take a moment to ask us.”

The family requested people to not release any of the projects of the actor which ‘did not have his consent or intent for release’ when he was alive.

Sidharth Shukla family statement The statement was released by Sidharth Shukla’s family.

The statement further read, “We knew Sidharth’s choices, we knew what he would have wanted and our decisions for him would be keeping all this in mind. And if there were projects that he wasn’t happy with, we are sure he wouldn’t want them released. Anything that did not release when he was with us, did not have his consent or intent for release. So please let’s keep his wishes in mind and let’s remember him with love, with respect, with fond memories, the ones he left us with…”

Ever since the statement was shared, many fans of the actor dug the video of the project that apparently made Sidharth’s family release the statement. They believe it is a song that Bigg Boss 15 fame Vishal Kotian had shot with Sidharth a few years back.

Also, a video of Vishal talking abut releasing a song with a “very dear friend who is no longer with us” is doing the rounds on social media. When media asked the TV actor what he was up to ever since his exit from the Bigg Boss house, Vishal replied, “There is a song which is about to release. It’s a music video that I did with a friend who is not there with us now. I talked about him inside the house too. He is very close to my heart. Our friendship is not from the industry, its from the Altamount road and Tagdi chaal. We were together in Gladrags too. I won’t name him, as I want you to watch the song.”

Vishal added he didn’t want to release the song when he was inside the Bigg Boss house else people would have taken it as his attempt to become famous. As per him, the song was shot in 2019 and he completed its patchwork now. But according to a source close to The Times Of India, the song was incomplete as Sidharth didn’t like it.

“The reason it was incomplete was because Sidharth wasn’t happy with the shoot and never wanted it out. The family doesn’t want the song to be released as it was Sidharth’s wish too. But we hear that apparently neither Vishal nor the music label sought permission,” a source to the family told TOI.

Vishal Kotian or the music company associated with the project haven’t released any statement yet.

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