Hitman 3 opens to mixed reviews on Steam

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Following its year late release on Steam, Hitman 3 is being greeted with harsh reviews. The title currently stands at a 50 percent negative score, with the main criticism being the high price.

IO Interactive released the final chapter of the Hitman reboot trilogy a year ago, exclusively on Epic Games Store. The company has been criticised time and again for their conservative store policies that prevent games from selling on Steam until a year later. Borderlands 3 was the first example of an Epic exclusive title, and was received with a negative reception from players.

After a year of gatekeeping, Hitman 3 saw a Steam launch on January 20, 2022. But, longtime fans of the franchise were bummed to see the expensive price tag of $60 – Rs 1888 in India because of regional pricing. Adding to the year-long wait, the game was still selling at full price, and therefore started getting review bombed earlier this week.

The game currently holds a “Mixed” reception, with many praising the game, but denouncing the release strategy and pricing. Most users believe the game should be priced significantly lower or at least have an introductory offer that runs for a limited time. It is also worth noting that Epic Games have previously sold the game at a 50 percent discount during their sales.

To make matters worse, IO Interactive is selling a range of editions for the game that includes additional playable content and is listed for an exorbitant amount. Meaning, paying $60 for the year-old title only gets you the standard version, and to access the bonus content, one will have to pay more.

Despite having a successful launch last year, Hitman 3 faced numerous cloud-related problems, where players were not able to sync and carry over the save progress from previous iterations. The problem seems to have persisted, and many users are reporting login issues and crashes for those playing on PC Game Pass.

The company also launched a virtual reality edition for the game, which is loaded with stability issues and offers a “subpar” experience. The team has since been taking maintenance breaks and releasing hotfixes but has not stated anything about reducing the price.

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