Maharashtra: Temperatures set to rise in the coming days, says IMD

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WINTER Conditions are on their way out from most parts of Maharashtra and the temperatures are set to gradually rise in the coming days, according to a forecast by the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

The IMD has said that clear sky conditions will mostly prevail during this week and no major weather systems are likely to affect the state.

Over Pune, both the minimum and maximum temperatures will rise this week. The maximum temperature will fluctuate between 31-33 degrees whereas the night temperatures would remain between 13-17 degrees Celsius.

“During February 22-24, the city could experience cloudy sky conditions from time-to-time but other days, clear sky conditions would prevail,” said Anupam Kashyapi, Head, Weather Forecasting Division, IMD, Pune.

At present, there are northerly-northwesterly winds in lower levels affecting the state.

On Sunday, the minimum temperatures recorded over many places in Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada remained 3 to 5 degrees above normal. Warm nights were recorded over Solapur (22 degrees), Parbhani (19.5 degrees), Nanded (19.4 degrees), Kolhapur (19.2 degrees) and Sangli (18.8 degrees).

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