Manoj Tiwari calls Kejriwal vision-less, department-less CM during Chandigarh rally

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Delhi MP Manoj Tiwari hit back at CM Arvind Kejriwal on Monday on the series of announcements which he made in his Chandigarh Rally, calling him a ‘visionless’ and ‘department-less’ CM. “Kejriwal is that politician who piled up his hundreds of lies into one truth making people start believing in him,” he said.

Tiwari, also former Delhi BJP president, was in town for the second time in a week to campaign for the upcoming civic body elections scheduled for December 24. While briefing the media persons, Tiwari confronted Kejriwal’s claim “to end the mountains of garbage in Dadu Majra, should first tell whether the same massive piles of garbage in the gateway of Delhi ended.” Manoj questioned Kejriwal on what roadmap or planning he was implementing to eradicate the mountain of garbage in his ongoing tenure.
Tiwari, while commenting on the issue of corruption, alleged that the “AAP government is accused of embezzlement of Rs 60,000 Crore in Delhi Jal Board. Due to the promptness of the BJP, the Rs 13,000 Crore scam regarding the construction of a hospital was exposed even before reaching its conclusion,” he said.

Tiwari clarified that BJP MPs are getting CCTV cameras installed from their quota. He said that the AAP which had promised to provide free water in Chandigarh is selling water at manifold rates through different slabs in Delhi while 80 per cent people are paying three times more electricity bill.

Appreciating the operation of electric buses in the city of Chandigarh, Tiwari stated that Kejriwal should detail how many electric buses are currently running in Delhi.

Claiming ‘Mohalla Clinic’ is a big flop, Tiwari stated his regret that health services in Delhi are poor and is the reason why he stopped speaking on this topic.

Tiwari took on the Delhi CM on the issue of pension which he stopped in Delhi while appreciating the increase in old age and other pensions in BJP’s manifesto.

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