Mumbai records 1,781 cases as daily Covid tally rises by 35.9%

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A day after recording 1,310 new Covid-19 cases, the daily caseload in Mumbai surged to 1,781, registering a spike of 35.9 per cent. The test positivity rate (TPR) stood at 16.8 per cent, with 10,546 tests conducted on Tuesday. The previous day, Mumbai had recorded a TPR of 13.16 per cent with 9,949 tests.

Meanwhile, the state recorded 3,659 cases on Tuesday, pushing up the number of active Covid-19 cases to 24,915.

Dr Abdul Samad Ansari, director of critical care services, Nanavati Hospital, said though the number of hospitalisations and patients needing critical care has increased in the past few days, their condition was relatively stable.

“Most patients have multiple co-morbidities such as underlying cardiac problems, diabetes, history of organ transplantation and compromised immune response. But they are responding to the treatment and very few need ventilatory or oxygen support. The condition of patients is much better than it was in the second wave, bringing the fatality rate and duration of hospitalisation down substantially,” said Dr Ansari.

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