Mumbai: Two held for planting animal body parts in shop to frame owner

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THANE police arrested two persons on Wednesday for allegedly planting 645 bear claws and teeth at a shop in Ulhas Nagar town to frame the shop owner over an old dispute.

The accused were identified as Anwar Abdul Rauf Khan, a scrap shop owner, and Mohammad Arif Sirajuddin Khan, who connived to place the animal body parts in the shop and tip off the police.

According to the police, on December 24 they received a tip off about animal body parts at a food outlet in Venus Chowk at Ulhas Nagar town in Thane. The central crime unit raided the premises on Sunday and seized the animal body parts.

The police said no action was taken against the owner of the outlet, Sanjay Nagpal, as during the raid, the police found that Nagpal had a dispute with Anwar Khan over the ownership of the premises.

“We suspected that someone had planted the animal body parts in the premises to frame Nagpal, hence no action was taken immediately. We then carried out a probe and after scrutinizing the CCTV footage and the Call Detail Records of the accused, we found that Arif Sirajuddin Khan, who had given the information to the police about the animal body parts, had himself kept the bear claws and teeth in the premises on the instructions of Anwar Khan,” said a police officer

An FIR was registered under sections of the Wildlife Protection Act.

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