‘Nobel prize for cheating’: Police aspirant hides hi-tech bluetooth device in wig during exam, gets caught

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In India, landing a government job is not quite a cakewalk given the competition. This compels people to go to great lengths to crack the selection exams. Recently, during the Uttar Pradesh sub-Inspector examination, an aspirant hid a hi-tech bluetooth wireless set inside a wig. However, despite his elaborate and clever attempt, he was caught by the authorities.

The video shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma shows how the police discovered that something was amiss when the metal detector started pinging near the man’s head. What made the matter even more intriguing is that the wireless headphones being used by the man were so minuscule that even he could not take them out, though he admitted having them in both ears.

The video has gone viral. Netizens are raising concerns about how the youth is pushed to take desperate and extreme measures to secure a government job.  Others are asking the government to hire the man, owing to his creativity.

In recent years, many instances of organized cheating scandals have shocked the country. The malice of cheating seems to have specially affected the police recruitments. In 2018, the CID held 42 people in West Bengal for allegedly cheating in a constable recruitment exam using improvised wireless devices. Similarly, in the same year a large syndicate of cheating facilitators was busted at various locations of Uttar Pradesh for aiding cheating through hi-tech devices like spy-mics, and placing “solvers” in Uttar Pradesh Police constable recruitment examination.

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