Now, CBSE answer sheets to be sent directly for digital evaluation

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More than midway through the ongoing Term 1 board examinations, the CBSE has introduced a change in the evaluation system, doing away with the physical evaluation of the OMR sheets at the school centres.

The board introduced the OMR system for its board exams for the first time this year. So far, these sheets were first being checked on the day of the exam at the exam centre itself by internal and external evaluators and later were being sent for digital evaluation. On Wednesday, the Controller of Examinations wrote to the Centre Superintendents stating that the physical evaluation step would be done away with from Thursday onwards.

The letter instructed the Superintendents to pack and seal the OMR sheets within 15 minutes of the examination being over in the presence of the Observer. After this, both officials are to sign the sealed parcel and mention the time of packing before dispatching it to the regional office.

Through the course of the examinations, the board has been modifying its evaluation rules and increasingly trying to reduce teachers’ role in evaluating students of their own school. Initially, the physical evaluation component was to be carried out internally by teachers of the exam centre school itself. In the midst of the minor paper exams, shortly before the start of the major paper exams, it changed its instructions to “during evaluation, OMRs should be interchanged between the evaluators of two schools… OMRs of a school be checked by evaluators of other schools and vice versa”.

“It may please be noted once again that it is the sole responsibility of the Centre Superintendent to ensure that the examination is conducted smoothly and fairly. In case of any deviation from the safety and security of the examination, CBSE will be liable to take action against the Centre Superintendent and the school as per its Affiliation and Examination Bye-Laws of the Board,” reads Wednesday’s communication to schools.

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