Purab Kohli is ‘happy to be a part’ of The Matrix Resurrections: ‘It has not sunk in yet’

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The upcoming Matrix movie brings back Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss as Neo and Trinity but it has some exciting new faces as well which includes Indian actor Purab Kohli. Purab is playing the role of a game developer in the film who works with Keanu’s character. Purab recently attended the film’s premiere in San Francisco and shared a note from the night on his Instagram.

His note read, “About last night. Or was it night before last. I’ve lost track of time on this absolutely fantastic week in #SanFrancisco Lucy and I at the premier of #thematrixresurrections so happy to be a part of #TheMatrix movies. Never imagined this would have been possible when i was first blown away by it in 1999!”

Purab Kohli had earlier collaborated with Matrix director Lana Wachowski on the Netflix series Sense8. Talking to India Today, Purab said that he had to audition twice for the Netflix series as the casting directors lost the original tape. He also mentioned that he was happy to meet The Wachowskis when he read with them for Sense8, even before he got the part.

Purab recalled that when he first watched The Matrix in 1999, he would dress up in long black coats to look like Neo and was completely in awe of him so when he shot with Keanu, it was an exhilarating experience. “I told him you must come back to India because you have such a huge fan following here and he looked at me completely surprised and said ‘Really?’ and I said ‘Yeah, you are Keanu Reeves man! Everybody in India knows who you are.”

Talking about his experience of working on The Matrix Resurrections, Purab Kohli told Mid-day, “It has not sunk in yet. When I watched The Matrix (1999) in theatres, I was like, ‘What was that film!’ I was just starting off as a TV actor then. So, being part (of the franchise) was something I had never imagined in my wildest dreams.”

He recalled that the seed for the next Matrix film had already been sown when he was shooting for Sense8. “During the shoot (of Sense8), there were many conversations about what could happen (in The Matrix universe). The next thing I know she wants to place me somewhere in the franchise. I loved working with Lana,” he said.

The Matrix Resurrections releases in India on December 22.

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