Sections of NDPS Act applied against Majithia

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Which are the NDPS sections under which the FIR was registered?
The FIR was registered under sections 25, 27-A and 29 of the NDPS. Section 25 stands for punishment for allowing premises, etc., to be used for commission of an offence. Section 27-A stands for punishment for financing illicit traffic and harbouring offenders while Section 29 stands for the person whoever abets, or is a party to a criminal conspiracy to commit an offence.

Are the sections bailable?
The offences committed under Section 27 of the NDPS are non-bailable.

What is the punishment under these sections?
Advocate Jasbir Singh, who handles NDPS cases, says that the punishment under the sections could be a maximum of up to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment depending upon the gravity of the offence committed by the accused person.

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