Twinkle Khanna recalls baffled reaction when an astrologer told her she’d marry Akshay Kumar: ‘Who? I don’t even know him’

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Writer Twinkle Khanna recalled her reaction when her father’s astrologer told her that she would marry Akshay Kumar. Twinkle is the daughter of the late actor Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, and she actually ended up marrying Akshay Kumar.

In an interview with Jackie Shroff, posted on her Tweak India YouTube channel, they discussed how astrology is seen as a ‘joke’ by some people; Jackie’s father was an astrologer, and had predicted some major events that came true. Twinkle said that she, personally, doesn’t believe in astrology, but said that her father used to consult an astrologer back in the day.

“Before I met my husband, that astrologer told him (Rajesh Khanna) and he told me, ‘You will marry Akshay Kumar’. And I was like, ‘Who?’. He said the full name. Can you imagine. I was like, ‘Who? I don’t even know him’.”

Twinkle continued, “And then, I married Akshay Kumar, and after many years, he came with that astrologer for coffee. And I don’t really ask people these things, and I said, ‘How about my business?’ And he said, ‘You will become a writer’. And I hadn’t written anything for 20 years. I said, ‘Tell me about my sajawat ka business, what are you pakaoing me, writer banega rubbish’. And now…”

Despite this, Twinkle said she sees no point in ‘knowing’. And Jackie concurred. He said that he’d never gone to his father asking for astrological advice, but had been told things. His father was the one who had said that he would become an actor, and had warned his brother to not leave home on the day that he was killed in an accident.

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