Two involved in cyber fraud arrested in Chandigarh

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THE UT Police arrested two men, part of a large-scale cyber fraudsters’ network, in Chandigarh on Saturday. The two were identified as Chauhan Ratan and Parmar Rajeshji of Gujarat, who stayed in a rented accommodation in Sector 47 and are from the Angadia community. Police recovered Rs 35.70 lakh with jewellery worth Rs 12.94 lakh from them. The jewellery was purchased through an unauthorised (cloned) credit card from CaratLane Tanishq, Sector 17. The accused made an attempt to sell the jewellery in exchange for cash, but were caught in time.

The Angadia system is a parallel banking system where traders send cash from one state to another through a person called Angadia that stands for courier. It is used in the jewellery business with Mumbai – Surat being the most popular route.

Police said that the accused hacked bank accounts, cloned credit cards, etc,. to purchase goods and sell them immediately for cash. Police said they tap into the elaborate Angadia network to deliver cash. Police laid a trap after receiving information that jewellery was bought from CaratLane using Digigold payment gateway, followed by an attempt to sell it for cash.

“We received input from one Ajay Kumar of Sarangpur. Ajay informed us last month that he received a WhatsApp call from an unknown person urging him to go a showroom in Sector 26. The caller instructed him to collect two iphones worth Rs 2 lakh as the caller had made an online payment. The caller then told him to sell them in Sector 22 market at a particular shop for Rs 1.22 lakh. He further told Ajay to deliver the money to two people in Sector 47. Ajay was given some money for this work. Later, it came to light that the caller had cloned the credit card of a Mumbai resident and made payments for the phones. He had used Ajay to sell the phones and hand over the cash to his gang members,” Inspector Rohit Kumar, SHO of Sarangpur police station, said.

Ratan and Rajeshji claimed during interrogation that they usually travelled from Gujarat to Mumbai, Chandigarh and other parts of country to deliver cash.

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