Watch: Santa Claus gets on a firefighters’ ladder to deliver gifts to children in hospital

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There’s nothing more exciting for little children than to meet Santa Claus and receive gifts for Christmas. And traditionally while he took help from reindeers for his job, he swapped his sleigh for a ladder to deliver presents in Peru!

Bearing many Christmas gifts, a Santa didn’t descent from the chimney but took help from local firefighter in Lima to give presents to children stuck in a hospital during the festive season. Now, video of the man greeting the patients and their families through the building windows is melting hearts online.

For the special mission, Santa was seen being lifted up in the truck’s cherry picker attached to a fire engine to deliver Christmas cheer and presents to children infected with COVID-19. The kids are isolating with their families in a high-rise compound known as the Village.

“Since these are COVID areas you cannot go in directly, but Santa and the fire brigade provided a solution,” said Juan Oriundo, director of the Pan American Village told Reuters. Oriundo said the gesture can make the little children feel the excitement of Christmas even though they might not get back home in time for the annual festival.

Paul Heinz Suarez Gamarra, locally known as the Peruvian Santa Claus, gets a lift from the local volunteer firefighter brigade, before handing out presents to young coronavirus disease (COVID-19) patients at a hospital in Lima. (Source: Reuters)

Photos and images released by the Peruvian government showed a Santa rising high up while being accompanied by a firefighter in a railed platform used to carry people. He was seen delivering presents to children leaning out the windows, as health workers on the ground outside danced and cheered.

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