When Bobby Deol predicted the pandemic, sent batsmen packing: A parody account starring the actor

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His long, curly tresses, his dimpled smile and his unforgettable dance moves (unlike his father Dharmendra and brother Sunny Deol), made actor Bobby Deol stand out when he made his Bollywood debut with the 1995 romantic-actioner, Barsaat. This was followed by Gupt (1997), and Soldier (1998), through which he charmed his way into the heart of many ladies. We still can’t think of Bobby without playing “Naiyyo Naiyyo” and “Soldier Soldier Meethi Baatein Bol Kar” in our heads. Also, his headshake in his dance numbers, where his curly tresses did the magic, is still a rage among the millennials.

However, Bobby eventually got stuck in the web of similar-looking films (Badal, Barsaat, Bichhoo). It got difficult to tell his one movie from the other. Come the 2000s, and our Bollywood hero found it tough to get hold of some good scripts. While the audience watched his old films on satellite TV, new work eluded him. As Bobby returned via OTT in the last few years, he found a new fanbase. Also, it seems our Baba Nirala can definitely see the future. Don’t believe me? A Twitter account named Bobbywood is an answer to all your doubts. Mind, the creator of the account asserts that it is not a troll account; it celebrates ‘Lord Bobby supremacy’. The actor had also shared a video from the parody account on his Instagram handle earlier.

When Bobby Deol predicted the pandemic 42 years ago 

Do you think swab tests were invented by scientists when coronavirus entered our lives? You are mistaken. Bobby was the first man to conduct the swab test in India. Not just this, he also advised on wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. Wish we would have listened to him!

Bobby Deol makes for a handsome cricket umpire

Do cricket fans think only New Zealand umpire Billy Bowden had the best gestures on the cricket ground? They need to check out Bobby’s dance steps and we bet they will be jumping to recommend his name for the next umpire from India.

When Bobby Deol captured Novak Djokovic’s probable reaction to the Australian government

All the tennis fans witnessed a seemingly calm Djokovic leave Australia after he was deported. But, who knows deep inside he was seething like Lord Bobby!

Bobby Deol showed how Covid-19’s new variant Omicron is dodging the vaccines

Are you wondering how you got infected with coronavirus even after getting jabbed? Bollywood’s much-loved Soldier knows.

When Bobby Deol knew what would be happening to the guests at Vicky Kaushal-Katrina Kaif’s wedding

Let’s just say, Bobby is a genius!

Bobby Deol mirrored what could have been Virat Kohli’s reaction in the whole Kohli-Ganguly fiasco

Indian skipper Virat Kohli gave up the captaincy from the T20 format of the game and Sourav Ganguly said he did ask Kohli to not step down from captaincy. Here’s a savage response to the entire fiasco.

Stop drooling over F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Reunion. Here’s a reunion Bobby-style

Who says only Hollywood can plan great reunions?

Need a recipe for a delicious dal? Bobby Deol at your service, ma’am!

You don’t need spices, tomatoes or ginger to prepare a perfect dal. Lord Bobby will tell you how it’s done.

Bobby Deol to win India a gold medal at the next Olympics?

Lord Bobby is a master of all.

When Bobby Deol worked to resolve social media outage

It’s not like Bobby is all play and no work. He did work all night to fix Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram.

These can go on and on, but it looks like Lord Bobby will stay relatable for many many years to come!

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