Women thought her running career was over. Then she broke US marathon record

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Keira D’Amato took to the tracks after a break of seven years and has not looked back. On Sunday, D’Amato broke the US women’s field marathon record by finishing the 26.2-mile marathon (42.1 kilometres) with the winning time of 2:19:12.

The 37-year-old mother of two broke the previous record set in 2006 by runner Deena Kastor by 30 seconds. Kastor later congratulated D’Amato on Twitter.

After the record-breaking feat, D’Amato expressed her satisfaction. “I just can’t believe this! I’m really tired, but I’m really, really happy!” she was quoted as saying by local television channel ABC13 Houston. “Age is just a number. It just doesn’t even matter how old you are, you can chase your dreams. I’m just so fortunate to have a family that supported that.”

D’Amato was greeted at the finishing line of the 50th anniversary of the Chevron Houston Marathon by her children, Tommy and Quinn who are aged seven and five respectively. She underwent ankle surgery in 2008 and thought that her distance running career was over. However, she started running again in 2016 and soon became one of the fastest marathoners in America.

D’Amato’s story is inspiring many people who want to go back to their creative or athletic ambitions.

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